You'd like to know more about the desert... 

Maybe you recognized a little bit of your own life when I talked about the desert dwellers on the At Home page.
But even if you didn't recognize anything, it's still possible that your life resembles that of a desert dweller more than you think.

In the desert it's blazing hot during the day, and freezing cold at night. The most difficult thing of all is to find water, clean, running water.
Living water, so to speak.

People who live in the desert lead hard lives. There are a lot of "have tos" from when they are children until they're old and grey.
They have to be ever alert in case predators sneak up on them. They don't always succeed at this and get wounded or worse.
They have to protect themselves against enemies who want to capture them and their families or steal their possessions. They don't always succeed at this and lose everything they own, or are enslaved, or worse.
They have to find food, water and safe places to rest and stay. They don't always succeed at this and they suffer from hunger and thirst and know little comfort.

The lives of people in the desert are basically determined by all the things the Have To do, which often keeps them from truly Living.
People in the desert get weary and burdened when they don't find oases very regularly.
Their lives have often become surviving rather than living.

Take the Desert Dweller test
Of course you're not literally at the Sahara desert, but spiritually you might be. Take a simple test to find out!

Desert Dweller Test (not yet translated)

Chances are you're a desert dweller.
And if so, you could definitely use an Oasis!


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